Daily Yalen Children

Studies of neuroimagem have demonstrated morphologic and functional alterations of the caudados nuclei. Interesting a theoretical model considers the existence of a disfuno in fronto-crtico-estriato-thalamus-cortical circuitria (BRAVE J.; BUSATTO F.G., 2001) In accordance with this model, the caudado nucleus (the estrial portion of the handle) would not filter, adequately the cortical impulses, causing certain release the talmica activity for absence of inhibition of the estriatais structures. Thus, the impulses excitatrios originated in the thalamus would reach the cortex rbito-frontal, creating one ' ' reforo' ' that it would hinder the citizen to remove the focus of its certain attentions concerns that normally would be considered irrelevant. The same model has been considered for adolescent children and, although the possible differences in the diverse stages of the development not yet to have been delineated (ROSRIO-CAMPOS M.A. ; MERCADANTE M.T., 2000). As Mercadante. the M. et alli (2004), a simplified way to understand the paper of the ganglia of the base in the TOC is to consider the circuit as, a closed electrical system.

In this idea, the caudado nucleus would have to function as an electric breaker and to interrupt the circuit would leave the behavior happening without stopping. The treatment must be submitted to the clinical parameters of gravity that include the time expense with the obsession symptoms and/or compulsions (SOC), interferences in the daily activities, the subjective suffering of the individual and its familiar ones. Tembm can, to use scales of evaluation of symptoms. ' ' Yale-Brown obsessive-compulsive scale' ' (Y-BOCS) he is used, possessing a version adapted for children, ' ' Children Yalen-Brown obsessive-compulsive scale' ' (CY-BOCS). None of the scales scales was validated in Brazil. (Y-BOCS, 1989) (CY-BOCS, 1997) apud (ROSRIO-CAMPOS et al, 2000). According to GRAEFF (1997), the receivers daily pay-sinpticos that are situated in the membrane of the varicosidades of nervous staple fibres terminals, of where 5-HT it is set free for action of the nervous impulse.

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