Civil Works

THE engineering CIVIL and the prevention of disasters due to its importance, the infrastructure works should be made with greater control of quality of both building materials and construction process; for this purpose, our country have laws and regulations that indicate the standards and specifications for projection, design, calculation, construction and supervision of works. Such regulation is attached to international standards emanating from the Organization of the United Nations (UN), and our country, as part of this, must adhere to stipulated therein. Mexico has experienced civil engineers with various specialties: estructuristas, hydraulic in soil mechanics, sanitary construction and, in addition, those qualified as responsible for work, stewardship of facilities (hydraulic, sanitary and gas) and planners. This experience has been useful to maintain continuous updating our regulations the construction of works of infrastructure and buildings, therefore you must be considered that in our country we have different types of risks of disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and hurricanes on the coasts; elsewhere, flooding from overflows of rivers, waterspouts, and landslides; eruptions of volcanoes and forest fires, as well as industrial fires in areas of fuels and chemicals. Civil engineering participates in primary form to ensure infrastructure works with the maximum security and thus prevent the risk of disasters; such participation consists of a strict and supervision appropriate to each work in its system and constructive, verifying that it meets the guidelines established in its calculation regulations, specifications, construction and quality control procedure that allow to detect any fault in materials and construction process applied. In the case of materials, their proper selection and quality control, as well as the tool, equipment and machinery and, of course, implementing labour and the process should be noted constructive, all attached to a safety program to prevent incidents or accidents, according to the type of work, the risk involved during its construction, the time and the types of disasters (natural or accidental) presented in the corresponding zone.

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