Go to a cemetery is experiencing changes in mood. a related topic. The long, narrow corridors imprison us, silence overwhelms us, we are moved by the loneliness and the dates inscribed on the tombs we stop to think at the age of the person or in circumstances which might have given their journey to eternity. When the year of birth and death indicates that this is an old think about your children and grandchildren when it comes to a young think their parents and their young children: when is a little grave, think of all the world's children and age would have today had not been for his premature departure is inevitable … get an ideas of games that were not of the holidays that did not receive their gifts and their siblings in adulthood and now the living memory of the brother with whom he could not continue in the games of childhood. Each grave has a story.

I use to imagine the day of the funeral and at the back in time, I see the wife sore with a child holding each hand and dozens of people in the fruitless task of providing comfort. In those places today empty, in which they survive some flowers withered, the last day of the dead or the birthday of someone who is not now, when many people had gathered for a final farewell. After the family arrives just in time and not get anyone. However, the graves are there in the desolate and gloomy alley, a cemetery where every day new guests arrive and more and more memory to compile the history of those who earned the right to live in the memory.

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