Basic Approaches To Treatment In Modern Medicine

In modern medicine, there are a number of theoretical bases and approaches to prevention and treatment of the body. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Natural task is to integrate these approaches to combining all available methods and advantages. The first approach is called medical research, it is most common. In scientific medicine the nomenclature of diseases is strictly tied to a specific industry (Cardiology, internal medicine, nephrology, etc.). This is to some extent, an obstacle to understanding the mechanisms of disease and necessitates the use of various diagnostic methods.

Diagnosis is based on to what parts of the body pathology predominates, and then describe related disorders. This approach is in accordance with approved standards dictate a specific list of medical procedures. Thus, the basis classical medicine is a prescription approach. He often does not effectively treat the disease, since every patient needs an individual approach, it is simply impossible with a substantial flow of patients. K Unfortunately, any complete theory that describes the relationship of somatic states to changes in psycho-emotional characteristics or with shifts in the quantum-wave performance of the body is missing. A dominant treatment with pharmacological agents that have a wide range of side effects.

Classical medicine is largely complementary to the alternative. But even it has its negative aspects, For example, the lack of statistical methods, the rarity of clear criteria, the low duration of observation. But alternative medicine is the main advantage of the system, an integrated approach to diseases, as well as recognition of the interrelationship between the parts of the body on the quantum wave level. Traditional medicine, which, paradoxically, in Russia, often called the alternative is a practical experience in the treatment methods and technology gained from society, and the next generation to generation. In traditional or folk medicine, the main principle is the individual approach to diagnosis and treatment, with this study the human condition in the relationship, not the pathology of individual organs. Treatment is described as assisting in recovery and is directed at the natural course of recovery processes. Complementary medicine practitioners use of additional means and methods to mobilize their own body reserves and its regulatory systems. There is also a functional medicine, which operates on the notion of Endoecology rights and interpretive treatment as removal of toxins from the body. Natural medicine is a treatment using natural plant and animal resources. Integrative or Holistic medicine – a generic name for all areas of ancient and modern medicine, which basically contain a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment. The idea of the integration of medicine was announced at a forum in 1987, WHO year. Of course, a consequence of integration would be a greater efficiency of prevention and treatment of diseases. Holistic medicine is holistic, it takes into account all the internal links and evaluates the body of man in terms of spirit, energy, somatic, social and natural environment, and synthesizes all of the accumulated knowledge of society. Integrative medicine is the most promising direction development of modern medicine. This idea is so naturally present in the minds of the most progressive minds of medicine that has been reflected in any medical information directory.

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