The Candida Fungus

Mushrooms are a strange for many people life-forms, which are extremely common and creep as parasites in their hosts. Find a moist and not too acidic milieu, like to settle them and spread unchecked, as long as they are not prevented. The Candida fungus is so secret guest who drives his mischief in very many people. He takes over, he is extremely uncomfortable, as for example vaginal fungus. e this success. Various causes for vaginal fungus generally can be the Candida fungus actually only then spread when the immune system is weakened. In a healthy human, bacteria and other micro-organisms keep the fungus in check and prevent him from an increased proliferation. As soon as but one slightly immunodeficiency, seizes his chance of Candida fungus and multiplied at high speed.

The vagina fungus is favored by some other factors. For one, the excessive personal hygiene is to name a few. The often aggressive intimate lotions kill the natural colonization of the vagina with germs and remove This just bacteria, which should inhibit the Candida fungus. The vagina fungus can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse and settle in the vagina. The sharing of towels and towels is also a risk to transmit the spores. The hormonal changes in the woman can change the vaginal environment, that the vagina mushroom finds ideal conditions and multiplied. The pregnancy or the menopause can bring such hormonal changes and anti-fungal contrary to get the Candida.

Unpleasant and impairing symptoms in the vaginal fungus infestation of the vagina by the Candida pulls a discharge after himself, which is rather crumbly as dry cottage cheese and can smell after yeast fungus. An unbearable itching and a sharp burning sensation set to another quickly there, which can be very distressing. Vesicles, pustules and a reddish rashes may occur, the skin can also easily crack. Also be pain during intercourse and make this part of impossible. Therapy at a vagina mushroom man goes to the doctor, so he will choose an antifungal mushroom after the diagnosis of vaginal Candida first which is applied as ointment or as a suppository. The active ingredients contained therein to inhibit the growth of the fungus and kill all existing fungi. But already widely penetrated the vagina mushrooms, no longer be achieved by means of a local, then additional preparations will be returned, are to take orally. Unfortunately usually not lasting success is this therapy. The acute vagina fungus is perhaps repressed, but because the causes are left untreated, he adjusts itself again at the next opportunity. Therefore is an alternative on the page of a very attractive opportunity, the Candida fungus to finally rid. Natural and gentle manner, the fungal infection is fought successfully since a holistic approach assumes not only the symptom, but also the cause in attack. Without aggressive chemical drugs, he finds Body to its natural equilibrium back.

Eastern Hesse Germany

The soul Bird Club helps mental illness are among the most common health problems of the population people affected in the main-Kinzig district, Eastern and require high suffering for patients and their families. The number of people who are unable to work due to mental disorders or early beredetet, has increased significantly in recent years. The clinic for Psychiatry and psychotherapy of the main-Kinzig clinics gGmbH in Schluchtern covers the full range of mental disorders in adulthood. These include depressive disorders, psychotic disorders, dementia and addictions. The clinic tries to up-to-date of science, taking into account health economic aspects to offer the best possible diagnosis and therapy affected persons. The main purpose of the soul bird e.V. of Association is to promote the work of the clinic for Psychiatry and psychotherapy of the main-Kinzig clinics gGmbH in Schluchtern and Gelnhausen. The soul Bird Club supports stationary and stationary treatment, as well as the care of mentally ill and mentally disabled people.

Not easy mentally ill people to opt for a stationary or part of stationary stay. Additional loads represent the separation from home, which man would even accusations it alone must create”that failed to have that feeling. The stay to normalize and to make more comfortable and the reintegration into everyday life are key goals. On different days of the week are active members of the Association in order to help of lay on the wards of the hospital and looking for the conversation with patients. You inquire after the health of patients and offer the possibility of worries and wishes to speak. This service is especially the patients, who have lost their social bonds through your illness.

After treatment and the discharge from the clinic, many former patients want a framework in which they meet with other former patients and can interact, as you Way looked after the hospital stay. The Association through the assistance supported this request in establishing self-help groups. The contact and communication between stakeholders, the population and the employees of the hospital are manufactured through public events and activities. The reservations about psychiatric institutions and fear of contact with mentally ill persons can be built as. The soul Bird Club offers more information on its homepage. Interested in addition to the contact information here also a link that leads directly to the page of the clinic for Psychiatry and psychotherapy in Schluchtern. The soul Bird Club contact: Karl-Rudolf Blum (1st Chairman) Tel. 06053-3360 press contact: Klaus Kempel, Agency for digital media,

Real Time CAN Peak, IXXAT And EMS

The new challenge of Windows CAN with real time when using CAN interface, for example by peak, IXXAT and EMS Dr. wishes a reliable, equidistant time data exchange, as well as a quick response to external events are required mostly. Here fail the standard Windows driver supplied with the c-cards, which are usable and therefore not real-time capable only from the application context. CAN modules now closes this gap and enables CAN communication in real time. The new real-time CAN modules of Kithara complements the Windows extensions and allows as many automation solutions, where a real-time CAN interface is required. The function library is aimed mainly at users who need a time-sensitive processing of CAN-messages, E.g. machine construction company and control manufacturer. CAN cards with 1, 2 or 4 channels are currently supported.

Cache buffers the CAN-messages when sending and receiving about an easy applicable and intuitive API. User-specific real-time message filters can be install as well as error handling for certain bus situations. A list-only mode is possible. The Kithara was the simple diagnosis kernel tracer expanded, with which all CAN traffic in microseconds resolution is recorded. As programming languages, such as c/c++ or Delphi are suitable. Also the.NET environment is supported with c#, here to embed is a DLL that is programmed in C++. Kithara Software GmbH Berlin by Kithara Software GmbH exists since 1996 and has since then to a specialist for real-time and communication solutions under Windows developed. The easily applicable tools enable PCI and USB programming, as well as the development of real time solutions with Ethernet, automation with EtherCAT, and real time CAN. -Real time CAN for peak, IXXAT and EMS the new challenge under Windows CAN in real time A continuously accelerating data exchange demands better methods for data processing from developers. Thanks to the Windows extension RealTime Suite by Kithara software is a real-time solution for CAN.


The flu is a respiratory disease caused by influenza virus is characterized by its high capacity of contagion. While many respiratory viruses can cause flu-like symptoms, the influence A and B flu viruses tend to be responsible for epidemics towards the end of the autumn or winter. In the northern hemisphere, influenza appears every year between the months of November and April, being more aggressive from December to March. The transmission of influenza virus occurs through the mucous membranes that are in your eyes, nose and mouth. Once it enters the body, the virus remains latent about two to four days, after which the symptoms of the disease appear.

Sick people can transmit the virus during the first days of the flu. The symptoms are characterized by: headaches, chills and dry cough, fever (appears on the second or third day) muscular pains (arms, legs and back), malaise and fatigue. Respiratory symptoms (nasal congestion, redness and sore throat), then the cough becomes wet with expectoration. Nausea and vomiting. Rarely abdominal pain and diarrhea. The symptoms tend to remain for a week, then disappear, although the feeling of tiredness and loss of appetite remains a few days more.

After 2 or 3 days, most of the symptoms disappear quickly, in certain cases the fever lasts up to 5 days. Bronchitis and cough may persist for 10 days or more and the changes produced in the respiratory tract it takes 6 to 8 weeks to resolve completely. Weakness and fatigue can last for several days. Most frequent complications: pneumonia or bronchitis. Otitis (ear infections). Febrile convulsions. Heart disease. Diagnosis: Usually do the own person. What the difference of a common cold is its severity and the presence of very high fever. The best way to establish the diagnosis is recovering the virus by a crop of respiratory secretions. A test can also be performed from a sample of blood, though not always necessary to carry out this procedure.

Civil Works

THE engineering CIVIL and the prevention of disasters due to its importance, the infrastructure works should be made with greater control of quality of both building materials and construction process; for this purpose, our country have laws and regulations that indicate the standards and specifications for projection, design, calculation, construction and supervision of works. Such regulation is attached to international standards emanating from the Organization of the United Nations (UN), and our country, as part of this, must adhere to stipulated therein. Mexico has experienced civil engineers with various specialties: estructuristas, hydraulic in soil mechanics, sanitary construction and, in addition, those qualified as responsible for work, stewardship of facilities (hydraulic, sanitary and gas) and planners. This experience has been useful to maintain continuous updating our regulations the construction of works of infrastructure and buildings, therefore you must be considered that in our country we have different types of risks of disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and hurricanes on the coasts; elsewhere, flooding from overflows of rivers, waterspouts, and landslides; eruptions of volcanoes and forest fires, as well as industrial fires in areas of fuels and chemicals. Civil engineering participates in primary form to ensure infrastructure works with the maximum security and thus prevent the risk of disasters; such participation consists of a strict and supervision appropriate to each work in its system and constructive, verifying that it meets the guidelines established in its calculation regulations, specifications, construction and quality control procedure that allow to detect any fault in materials and construction process applied. In the case of materials, their proper selection and quality control, as well as the tool, equipment and machinery and, of course, implementing labour and the process should be noted constructive, all attached to a safety program to prevent incidents or accidents, according to the type of work, the risk involved during its construction, the time and the types of disasters (natural or accidental) presented in the corresponding zone.

Luis Felipe Opportunism

But this has its origin in the current anti-Marxism which Marxists were made but only to enter the heart of pata Marxism fight inside to destroy it. The ideas of the opportunists like all ideas, don’t fall from the sky but that reflect social practice in the opportunistic brain. Hence the opportunism is a social product, and as such unavoidable while there is the division of classes in society. The deepest mobile opportunism is in your interest to participate and obtain privileges to ribs of the added value generated by the workers. This interest has a definite stamp of class: is a bourgeois interest.

So, that opportunism has a defined social base: the small owner, the small bourgeoisie small bourgeoisie, bureaucracy, intelligentsia and also privileged workers or labor aristocracy as they dubbed it the classics. There is where Mr Nique lowered their flags when he launched hundreds of young people toward an adventure that the later disappeared leaving all hooked on an adventure that not it could hold, but that is little, the view in your iron of the directive of the colegio de abogados of lima to the defender of a genocidal as the lawyer Humberto Carranza Valdivieso and still in the human rights secretariatthe most insulting is see this genocidal was present at the ceremony of swearing in the balcony at the swearing more preferential than that of ambassadors. Then we hope that Mr Nique De la Puente; do the opposite of what did his uncle, the great Luis Felipe of the Puente Uceda. And it is that opportunism has undergone a metamorphosis – changes of shape – forced by objectives changes in the movement. Sometimes the opportunism has appeared with face end revolutionary, ignoring or bypassing the real motion conditions, forgetting the specific situation level of consciousness-of the labor movement, skipping stages of objective development of society and pose to the motion tasks, objectives and forms of struggle that does not correspond to the needs of the society or of the revolution.

The Minister

For this reason, the national innovation system, through which we are seeking that 50% of teachers in the formal sector (160,000) have a certification in digital competitions will be created. In addition, thanks to the credit agreement amounting to 36 million dollars signed with the Government of Korea, they will be created and put in gear 5 centres for educational innovation (CIR) which will be located in different regions of the country.In this regard, field said that the aim is that by 2014, 25% of children have a satisfactory level of English which will be necessary to extend the plan of teacher training in the domain of English. The Minister also said that he will work for a better articulation of middle school education with higher education for work and the strengthening of research and innovation in the different educational levels. The follow-up to the relevance of the graduates through the labor Observatory for education, and the promotion of the internationalization of education, teacher and student mobility, will be other key aspects to achieve this goal.Finally, the Minister of education referred to that to achieve all these purposes must improve the efficiency of the management of the education sector, fifth emphasis in educational policy model. Field noted that maximum for 2012 are expected to the 94 secretariats of education certified, which are in charge of managing the education from regional, have quality certification in at least 3 of your processes. We’re going to put a goal being a model of public management, not only at the national level, but international. We have to promote the principles of good governance given by President Santos, improve the systems of control and monitoring of public resources that are managed in the sector, improve information systems and mechanisms of control, inspection and surveillance, said field.The intervention of the Minister heard complete.

Advanced English

The figure doubled in 2008 when the number of persons concerned by the course was 1802. Also has doubled the interest of women for this training option becoming majority in 2009, 58% of the demands of information corresponded to women while this percentage was 28% in 2008. The dominant profile among applicants for information about the course of air traffic controller corresponds to an unemployed aged between 26 and 35 years old and a university degree women. 99% Of the people who were in contact with Master.D to request information about this course had between 18 and 35 years, taking special force the range of persons aged between 26 and 35. The range of unemployed that reaches 99% of the applicants has tripled.

Also the fact that 95% of queries are made over the Internet is especially striking. Number of claimants by provinces Madrid is the Spanish province that encompasses a greater number of queries with 15% of the nearly 3,800 demands received. It is followed by Barcelona, with 12% of queries. Behind them, the demands are distributed by all the Spanish provinces with special emphasis on those that have greater air traffic airports. Las Palmas occupies third place in this ranking of consultations by provinces with 7.3% of domestic demand and the fourth Murcia with 5% of the total.

They lie by this order, Malaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Sevilla with percentages ranging between 5% and 4%. Salary 350.00 euros per year last November the public entity Spanish airports and air navigation, AENA, said the average salary of air traffic controllers in Spain is 350,000 euros a year adding that this salary is three times greater than that of his British profession mates. In similar terms the Minister of development, Jose Blanco, after stating that the controllers are been expressed more recently conducting a covert strike that has generated delays in Spanish airports this Christmas. To achieve one of these posts it is necessary to overcome the selective processes that AENA calls regularly and which are similar to an opposition. Such selective processes include exams on different themes related to air navigation. To be able to sit the exam is required to have a university degree diploma, technical engineer, technical architect or a higher degree.

Ankilessiss Galaxy

The triangle represents the union of three breeds genetically sisters, but is that there are only two races United to the evolution and awakening of the Supreme race human, United turn to 9 breeds different sisters among themselves. These two reptilian races are breeds powerful that have worked and helped mankind since the beginning because that lived next to this, unexpected paths to them that their opened new horizons of consciousness. These two breeds revere and respect to the human race by its evolution as beings of light and conscious beings. They are here in many dimensions, simply, to help transcend humanity. They are great observers and great meditators deep. Much respect throughout the collective evolution that Gaia has done as humanity, and that drives them to become a kind of white and faithful guardians towards her and their parents.

These include all the white dragons, all small lagartos-humanoides, beings of nature mixed with the intraterrena wisdom of Gaia, beings who respect the nature of the great forests of Gaia, beings that grow with Gaia from inside and from outside not all reptilians are dominant or predators. The two sisters races are benevolent with humans and absolute protectors of their birth and their development. They are big brothers full of wisdom and knowledge about the reptile race. They are the ascended masters of the breed that we know mostly. The number twelve implies an innumerable amount of sacred geometries that protect the planet. Just as makes it number 11 and number 9.

The triad is incomplete because it is not true is a farce. But the true power and heart of this planet has the number 13 and what that means. The number 13 is the race for excellence; the Supreme race of the God merged by consciousness activates and wakes up from the great gods of the Ankilessiss Galaxy. The number 13, dear brother, dear sister, you’re. Thou art the powerful triangle. The directional diamond of energy merged into light and love. Thou power and consciousness of all sacred geometry. And all sacred geometry became to live and create in higher dimensions of unlimited consciousness. So, knowing that there are two races reptilian that protect you and guide you, who may fear what?. You have the key to ignite the flame of the third reptilian race. Only the humans can activate the consciencial DNA of the race of the Kassamanstrah but the key can only activate it and discover it, you and I. Nobody else. No external to our consciousness race can help us in that regard, since we are teachers of remembrance and the luminous power of Gaia.

Human Development

The first years in the life of the human being are decisive for its development. According to Young (2010), it is during first infancy (birth until the 3 years), that the standards of behavior, ability and learning are established. In this phase the brain increases its complexity highly becoming the sensible child the influence of the environment, enabling to learn them it and to remember. (PAPALIA, 2006). Thus, it is in the familiar environment that the child will get its first experiences throughout the vital cycle and that anger to reflect in assertive attitudes or not in the future. Its interests need to be stimulated. The experiences to be learned with the errors will result in diverse answers depending on the received stimulatons front to the different lived deeply experiences, therefore they could simply be restrained ahead of its errors or to be respected how much its way to express itself and thus lead for the desired behavior. The initial years are determinative in the life of the human being how much to its future, as it affirms Young.

The cerebral development in the first years affects the physical and mental health, the learning and the behavior during the life all. What, as and how much the children learn later in the school they depend on social and emotional ability and the cognitivas abilities that they develop in the first years of life. (Young, 2010, p.5). The stages following they are described for Papalia (2006, p.52-53) in the following way: In the second infancy that encloses the age of the 3 to the 6 years, the child already is capable to have logical ideas on the world, although its cognitiva immaturity. They perfect the language and the memory, its intelligence becomes more previsible, however she is self-centered. Between the 6 and 11 years the third infancy is the directed age, the children already is benefited with the pertaining to school education, thus the construction of its thoughts becomes more logical and concrete, increasing the abilities of the memory, the egocentrismo diminishes and the language increases considerably.

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