HEDGEweb Premium

HEDGEweb Premium offers the possibility of professional analysis and selection of global hedge funds with HEDGEweb premium, a new service from HEDGEweb.net, is the analysis and selection of global hedge funds means easier. Professional choices, quantitative statistics and analysis to make informed decisions for the user. The investor is supported by the unique HEDGEweb rating, a quantitative 5-star system, which hedge funds in risk-adjusted terms according to their absolute yield and potential assessed. HEDGEweb is cheaper than other professional data provider in the alternative investment sector, where annual fees of 10,000 and more are not uncommon with only 9.90 per month multiples. Alfred Adler is open to suggestions. In addition, HEDGEweb Premium offers the advantage to be available anytime and anywhere, because no downloads are required and all information online is available. This offer is unique in the area of global hedge funds and in turn will contribute to increased transparency in this In the form of investments. HEDGEweb: HEDGEweb is a provider of information and data in the area of alternative investments and hedge funds.

With a database of approx. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often says this. 5,000 funds and over $1 billion in assets it managed, HEDGEweb belongs to the market leaders in this field.

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