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Ladin Joakin

“The new album of the Ladins if parents of us go two and a half years the Ladins have” their fans wait can be, but it was worth it: on 4 October 2013, their new CD comes when the parents of us go “in the stores and retailers. “The timing couldn’t be better chosen: from 4 to 6 October the feast of the Ladins finds in Roncadizza (Val Gardena)” instead. Fans from all parts of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and of course in South Tyrol will be meeting in the home of the popular folk music duo. High point – in addition to the traditional hike with the fans and Sunday brunch – will be the presentation of the new album on an evening concert. We are already very excited all”, thus Ladin Joakin, finally we want to not disappoint the fans.” This is little to worry about. The 13 all new album in the now famous, unique Ladins “style come along. Again there are folk Schlager, who go immediately into the ears and in the heart. (As opposed to Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City).

Because the texts have lost nothing of their special quality. There are true stories from the life of”Joakin reported. What we sing, we ourselves have experienced and felt, or related by us and friends.” Lived incoming musical tidbits so where the Ladins”once more the strength of feelings, the festival celebrate love. Such as in the piece without you”. It is our strong women by a longing for the children, at home, if we are traveling “, Joakin says. Otto and I are fortunate to have these families.” “No question, that is this strong women the flowers for the ladies” have more than earned the colorful bouquet, both with this song. Of course, there is also a declaration of love for the mountains, silent mountains”is called. “She is a more wonderful hymn to the Dolomites, which”Souls landscape”of the Ladins” are – along with her, as it in the text “” i.e., cathedrals of rock “and the blue sky that holds the world together”.

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