You Know What Reverse Osmosis

Today I would like to continue with the series of articles related to eco-efficiency and why not, to mention a topic that very few people has tackled so far and has a great ignorance. Surely if I use the term reverse osmosis very few people know what really I mean. Possibly Yes know that it has to do with water but little more. Speaking clearly and in terms that we understand, the reverse osmosis refers to the process by which we are able to separate salt from water marina in order to obtain drinking water. And is called Reverse Osmosis? Osmosis is a phenomena physicochemical whereby, through a semipermeable membrane (the membrane that contains pores of molecular size) we are able to separate large of small molecules. If we take this case to the water of the sea, thanks to this process we would be able to separate the water molecules (they are very small) of the salt containing water marina, this way we would get completely adapted for human consumption water. Add to your understanding with Dr. Neal Barnard. Normally, given that both sides are at the same pressure, to make the molecules to pass through the filter it is usually applied more pressure to one side, it is what is known as reverse osmosis. Is it a feasible solution? Without any doubt is a highly eco-efficient solution since we don’t pollute anything and the process is practically clean. It joins other methods as used and ecological as wind turbines, we both see in the mountain landscapes. Original author and source of the article.

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