On June 18 is closing with the bland n G sight! Now has a new holiday to celebrate it is worth: YELLOWDAY, the day of the joy of life. “Throughout Austria is called upon, at the YELLOWDAY yellow to get dressed and put on the widest grin!” as the initiator of Gernot GG gang. “I want to create a tag, the one with impunity can admit, having it not so bad. Goal is to make the YELLOWDAY a fixed point in the year.” The YELLOWDAY is to bring more sun in everyday life arose from a spontaneous idea and deliberately to make the joy of life in the foreground. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Unfortunately too much of daily life turns grey and without apparent reason it agonizes through the day.

The YELLOWDAY wants to bring back some more sun and lightness in the hearts and faces of the people. To begin, that you met with a friendly smile and continue up to convivial meetings together. Serves as a catalyst the sunny color yellow and to put even a visible sign of YELLOWDAY to participants are called is to dress up this day in yellow. Spontaneous contacts should be encouraged, which overcome all social boundaries. How to enjoy life, without to give also the joy of life? The YELLOWDAY serves exclusively for the charitable purpose for this reason. Any donations from sponsors are used to spread the idea or dedicated to charitable purposes.

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