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The Pair

My subjects of conversation no longer interest, when we spoke to him of plans common, we ran into with the wall of silence, or of at this moment we must speak of that? in a tone, by all means of annoyance. We did not hit upon to give the name exactly to our relation of pair, lived confused and hoping that perhaps, tomorrow or to the rat, everything is different. But no, the sensation of not having the person that we more want in our life, that one or that one that we have chosen so that he is our companion of life, are not available for us emotionally speaking, it is a heartrendering, discouraging condition and per moments, we touched the feeling of the lack of affection, the coldness and the solitude. Independent of it reasons, a parallel relation, a mix-up of personalities, not to tolerate to the family of the other, problems in the work, fights with the extensive family, the death or disease of a relative, beyond feeling us shared in common, we felt left, lazy the drift. In addition without a reasonable explanation for it. The circumstances can be varied and with an infinite amount of possibilities, but while we are there, in that place of the one of the retirement, in that position of distance, the reason does not reach to express ours to feel. When some of the members of the pair, no longer decides to be with the pair, is conscious or unconsciously, it leaves so to the other in a vulnerability state, that it is not guessed right to include/understand and the questions arise in which still is involved in the relation: Will be I? Perhaps I am not including/understanding what it is happening? He is that poor, it has so many problems, in its life, in its work, with its family.

Natural Treatment

It comes from Greek akm, that means florescence, force, vigor. Occurring preferably in the puberty or the age of greater physical development. In the old clinic it is known with the Acn name, a series of very diverse affections, but that agrees with the presence of botoncitos of follicular inflammatory origin or no, those that often end supuracin, pronouncing themselves in the face or the trunk. The acne designates to an affection of the follicles of the hair, being an injury from the sebaceous gland. According to their causes, the aspect of the injuries or its evolution, exists diverse types of acne;that is to say: the 1 – artificial or medicinal acne, 2 – syphilitic acne, 3 – tuberculous acne, 4 – rosaceous acne, 5 – flemoso acne, 6 – necrotic acne, 7 – vulgar acne, etc. The medicinal acne characterizes by formation of fistulas and follicular nodules produced by chemical irritation of the sebaceous glands. The most known they are the acne bromic and the iodic one. Artificial acne is denominated when one takes place by external agents (the produced ones by the rubbing with it annoys, paraffin, oil, oil to lubricate, petroleum); after the impregnating of the clothes with these substances, remaining some time on the skin.

Necrotic acne, has a size of a pea, pale color, of little elevation, accompanied by inflammatory and supurativos processes, preferably located in the forehead and hairy leather; rarely in all the face and the chest, those that spent a time are transformed into escaras dry, leaving a track in the skin, analogous to the scars of the smallpox. Its origin is not known with certainty; but in several cases gastrointestinal upheavals and alcoholism have been observed in. Rosaceous acne, is characterized in a simple circulatory upheaval of the skin. One appears generally in the face, preferably in the nose, extending to the cheeks and the forehead. It is observed in middle-aged individuals, with more frequency in the man who in the woman. First it appears a reddish color in a point of the nose, after the meals or of exciting drink ingestions. That reddish color little by little is made permanent, the veins of the skin dilate and in several points granites appear, engrosa the skin.

Little by little it is extended to the cheek and the forehead. The causes would be: the nutritional abuse of spirits, disorders. Vulgar acne, appears frequently in the young children; grain they are inflamed that becomes is pustules. These pustules are abren or they are dried of natural or artificial form. According to the intensity of the surface of the weave, the scar is greater or smaller. The attacked zone is the face, the forehead and the nose. The causes of grains or you postulate of the acne can be the existence of bacteria in the follicles. In the section Health you will find as definitively to elimiar the acne of natural form and for always; besides other articles of quality verified in the different ones sections of: Entertainments, Computation, Sports, Painting, and more.

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