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The Federation the International of Motoring (IT TRUSTS) seems emperrada in causing that the fans to formula 1 go to soccer, the motociclismo or the handball. Other leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offer similar insights. That is the unique logical explanation when it tries to find him felt the pure gibberish which the norm has become that had to be implanted east weekend in the circuit of Silverstone and that, to criterion of many, was going to remain to him potential to Red Bull. For more than two years, escudera of Milton the Keyneses marks the rate of the championship thanks to the magic that leaves the outlines of Adrian Newey, that in the RB7 has obtained the perfect balance between speed and takes hold. And that is thanks to the recovery of the blown escapes, a system that already was used in the Eighties and which it motivates that the car adheres to the cement as if their tires were of velcro. Source of the news: : The last blow of Red Bull

Austral European Observatory

A celestial object, with a black hole in its center of mass equivalent to 2,000 million times the one of the Sun, has been shortage in the primitive cosmos. One is qusar very shining and supposes a record of distance in the deep cosmos since this to 12,900 million years light, reason why belongs to the universe when 770 million years had only passed about from Big Bang (a 6% of its present age). Concerning a record it is necessary to indicate that previous of his class shortage it is of 870 million years after the great initial burst; and some more primitive objects are known something – more distant still, like a tenuous galaxy and an outbreak of gamma rays, but they are not far from it as shining as just detected, hundreds of times the most shining one than they, according to explains the Austral European Observatory (THAT), with whose telescopes VLT, in Chile, it has studied. Source of the news: : The shining object more distant shortage in the universe.

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