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Natural Birth

He was attending the outpatient in the maternity ward, in an afternoon, so many evenings that there he attended, from 2 to 5 pm, then going to the Centre of ultrasound Natalie del Pilar, a patient into labor, is suddenly admitted but the nurse instantly yelled desperate Expulsive, Expulsive Doctor Doctor!, before both cry, I went to the room of dilation and found a young patient who shouted and bidding, looked it like that he examined it and saw that it had traces of venoclysis where you have been attending? the patient Saramago and screamed in pain, introduced the fingers into the vagina and was complete!, was effectively in expulsive and fetus was of foot! a PELVIC ERA! This patient comes from the Hospital, they wanted to operate it and she has not accepted, has asked its high and has surprised us all!, it was already expulsive, we pass it to the stretcher, we put it in the gynecological position, indicate a serum, called the pediatrician, who also attended the outpatient in those moments, the technique helped, was preparing the table and suddenly! came the feet of the fetus and nursing technique suddenly began shouting of feet, comes from feet, Oh God Mio comes from lifelike!. Callate Hey – they told him – but it was worse she was still screaming, you’re going to collaborate, otherwise you short belly! – I told the patient – not; I do not want me crack – screamed the girl – then you will help! – asevere le – Yes!! I will help-, if I will help! – said – I caught both feet, went out, I put a field of fabric on the body of the fetus and slide it toward me, quickly rotate your shoulders I shed both, then deflexione the head and according to Mauriceau maneuver took the shell unscathed, the child emerged screaming, the pediatrician received it he attended and went very wellthen you came to the eipisiorrafia, went to his room and after that everything was over, the patient spoke to who actually wanted it operate in the Hospital to ensure and why He called high volunteer and went in search of the palaces doctor who told the family that it was Buenazo and history had – m i luck – a happy ending.. .

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