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Advertising Lusfona University

Katiane Miranda Ferreira and Tchaikovsky de Oliveira Mestrandos in Marketing and Advertising Lusfona University de Humanidades and Tecnologias the impact in the economy with the cattle creation In the last few decades the consumption of bovine meat and the creation of cattle has increased considerably, what they have contribuido for more pastures and siginificativamente for greater desvastaao of the naturez. Being that the creation of cattle in some countries has been faced as source of wealth and generation of jobs. Factors as the great pastures and, consequentemente cattle creation have taken some researchers the studies on the effect of the gases caused for the same ones. According to studies, in Brazil the emissions had been only esteem in 42% for the Embrapa in accordance with the methodology suggested for the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and are express in the document ' ' Methane emissions of the Cattle one? Reports of Referncia' ' (Embrapa, 2006). In accordance with reports of the ONU (Organization of United Nations) in last more than a billion of people, had two decades adhered in its alimentaoa bovine meat; countries that did not have these constumes as China, Malaysia, and algums other orientals, had started to be great consumers, as much for factors as new habits, economic development, as well as for the propaganda of great companies (Periodical of the Nation Institute Cancer, vol. 50, 1973, pp. 1437-1441). Whichever the reason, exists a great problem, therefore, a study made for the University of California showed, Sangwon Suh, one of the authors, who each time more the people suffer with problems of health caused by the extreme consumption of meat, with this the population passes to be affected by others aggravations as the afetadapor health problems in the heart to ecncer. Glenn Dubin is likely to agree. Second especialistasuma controlled diet without excesses of meat consumption seriauma of the first solutions to be taken, on the other hand could affect other sectors, of great alimentary companies who have as main menu the bovine meat, as an example the restarantes net fast food, and also great creators.

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