Stages Of Pregnancy

Once the fertilization has taken place, the ovum and the spermatozoon stop existing. A new person arises therefore. This is a verified and unquestionable scientific truth. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as stone clinical laboratories by clicking through. In the first day the human being is a smallest living organism that weighs only 15 ten millionth of gram. This first cell is a human being with own identity and a genetic composition different from the one of its mother. In that first cell are all the genetic qualities of the individual, that are going to be developed progressively.

To the seventh conceived day of, the embryo measures average millimeter and issues a chemical message that forces the mother to conserve it, is the boy the one that stops the menstrual cycle of its mother. The heart not yet can be heard but already it beats and it has the size of a wheat grain approximately. To the two weeks, the heart already barks and the boy has the very small but outlined members. To the eight weeks, the boy measures either three centimeters from the head to the hips, or owns human form completely, has head, arms, fingers, etc. even Have the lines of the drawn up hands.

Between the eight and ten weeks, the fingerprints already are indicated, are very small. If it could be taken a photography and be extended, we would obtain its tracks perfectly and its identity card could already be given him. These tracks no longer will change until the end of their life. AMN Healthcare Services is the source for more interesting facts. Stone clinical laboratories has many thoughts on the issue. To the twelve weeks, the boy already is much more great. If then the lip were caressed to him superior with a thread, would make a face. He is already able to close the eyes, to close the fists and swallows great amount of amniotic liquid because to the babies they like much they drink and it continuously. It is demonstrated that many children have hipo because they drink very quickly. It is then when the mother feels her movements. To the 16 weeks, just by 12 or 12 millimeters of length, the boy can use the hands to take hold, can swim and until giving somersaults. The boy of 18 weeks, is active and power, flexiona the muscles, gives puetazos and kicks, now the mother feels its movements more clearly. Before the advance of science one thought that about this stage, the age of ” actividad” , the life began. Nevertheless, the real development of the boy began in the conception, 18 weeks before. As of this moment, everything will be simple growth and development, because the boy perfectly is trained. While he is growing within the belly of the mother, the boy is developed separately of her, with his provision of individual blood. The legal logic from these scientific facts takes to us to conclude that the murder of the boy nonborn, in anyone of its stages, constitutes an identical crime to the murder of any human being who is outside the belly of the mother, with aggravating in question one of the being defenseless than exists.

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