Another of the basic rules of psychology relationship reads: beautiful a woman makes eye love men. Therefore, when choosing a girlfriend man is better not to listen to opinions of friends, and making an appointment woman with whom he would like to wake up in the morning. Yes, men like beauty, and apologize for their tastes, they are not collected. Perhaps in the ranking of some men, physical attractiveness is not on 8 and 9 spot, but beauty fades quickly, especially today, when a beautiful woman is not uncommon, and is itself Beauty is nothing. 7. Honesty and trust When finished all the games, announced the winner and the audience dispersed, we need a friend you can trust.

The most successful and lasting relationships based on trust, sincerity and honesty, to build relationships on a different foundation – all like building a house on quicksand. Sadly, often awakening comes too late, when there was nothing to fix, so one of the main rules of psychology relations says: if you want a woman to be honest with you, be honest with her (but never fall into excessive candor and do not tell of what she does not ask or what her know optional). 6. Respect The last thing a man needs a woman who humiliates him and leads to confusion, which makes him a complete fool. Especially in public. There is no shame in that, because of their pride Men very sensitive about any criticism. However, constructive criticism of a loved one, expressed in the right way, will become better, to make men good husbands, fathers, lovers, brothers and simply people.

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