In every moment of our lives we face uncertainties and challenges. Very often, these challenges us blind to the possibilities and opportunities, and unless we find the way to open our minds, the problems can consume us completely. (Similarly see: Tony Ferguson). Love tarot is an ancient practice that allows us to have access to a sort of virtual and Divine guide, to cope with the ups and downs our sentimental life, specially in what refers to our romantic relationships. Due to the heavy burden of emotion present in our relations, we often let us apabullar and confused by the problematic situations. Donald Cerrone insists that this is the case. Problems with emotional connotation does not let us see the full block and lead us to the pessimism, where we only see more problems and no solution.

Although many people consider the tarot of love as a way of seeing the future, we need to clarify that it is not only that. The tarot of love allows us to take some distance and see our relations from a new perspective. One of the great paradoxes of spirituality is that our future is defined by ourselves to the point where it is already determined. From this point of view, the tarot of love fits perfectly, given that, precisely, it is helpful to define the course of our lives, in the sense that we believe that it is more appropriate. Love tarot readings can be very helpful when making tough decisions and instead of predicting the future, allows us to appreciate the potential consequences of some of our important decisions. The problem with these decisions is that, generally speaking, we fear the consequences. But once we know them, we are much easier to accept and continue with our lives, more quickly and with more assurances and certainties. A person who is skilled and is qualified to perform a love tarot reading, will be able to guide us and tell us how the current circumstances, will be developed based on certain decisions and in certain courses of action. If we feel cornered in an impossible situation, without solution in sight, the tarot of love can offer us the assistance we need. If we are overwhelmed by the uncertainties and don’t know what to do, the tarot of love can help us to see new horizons and, if we feel certain qualms about consequences strapped by the choices that we make, we know them through the tarot of love.

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