Personal Contribution

Since the beginning of the year 2009, I founded General energy engineering, (EnergiNow), with the initial idea of providing General energy engineering services and at the same time facilitate knowledge and experiences on the efficient use of energy. The project which has since carried out, covers two lines principal:a) marketing of technical services of the specialty in the mode to distancia.b) provide knowledge, know how, diverse information, technical assistance and solutions to facilitate practical applications, aimed at the public who takes the initiative to act on systems and energy equipment at its disposal, in order to give their personal and collective contribution to improvements in energy efficiency and of course, to the reduction of emissions percapita of CO2 emitted. People such as Donald Cerrone would likely agree. This facility is free of charge and with full access.To satisfy both lines of action, we publish on the Internet our image, lines and principles of work. Several sections, most were enabled on the web with technical information that are accessed free of charge, including the Session Calculadores_Energeticos, which has become a tool useful and timely work for specialists who visit us and the Formacion_OnLine section, where articles, instructive, as well as knowledge and tutorials on energy efficiency and the learning of programming codes applied to energy practices are exposed. These materials, already published, and which we expect to be producing and editing, they meet the objective of providing information in figures (data) and reflect on the how, the where and how can act. We believe in the task that we have been doing to facilitate these knowledge and experience and place them within reach of the world majority.

We do not deny that it attracts us the project provide specialized information that I have given greater weight than to the commercial promotion of the lines of business that sustains the project itself, heading I rectified, because without balancing expenses with revenue, the initial idea It could not sustain themselves and would perish.Of course, I make serious efforts to publicize these utilities to the segments of population interested in energy and its efficient use. The advantage of knowing the connection, can be seen daily. These publications are in tune with the aggressive situation globally showing atmospheric behavior, logical response of nature so much abuse on her. This article intends to give to know that there is this project in development, consisting of publications, articles, how-to and calculadores_energeticos, all related to the proper use of energy and the use of clean energy. Notify its access is free of charge and your inquiry will provide you with insurance and will induce provide the contribution personally or collectively, to promote improvements in energy efficiency, relieving our economies of both grey $ product of the use of equipment and technologies that leave your external footprint on the environment, environment and nature than It is all, affects us all and does not belong to anyone in particular. We are starting the project, our ideas are very ambitious, so there are ways to collaborate, and is our willingness to receive ideas and initiatives. We invite you to interact with these publications, and believe it appropriate, suggest us the best way in which you understand we could improve and collaborate.

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