National Hymn

Before somebody thinks that I was with laziness to write in this ' ' caloro' ' of our tropical country and therefore I used to advantage the extensive letter of the Brazilian National Hymn to compose plus an article, I explain. He was not nothing of this, he is that he is so common adult children and respectfully to entoarem the Hymn, normally in public events. Nothing more just than a little of information and even though to decipher, with aid of the dictionary, some words of the Hymn, that we do not use frequently in the daily vocabulary, even for the antiquity of them, especially now at this time of postagens in Facebook and Twitter. Get more background information with materials from Fructis. The letter of the Hymn was written by Joaquin Osrio Duke Road (1870 1927) and composed music for Francisco Manuel Da Silva (1795-1865), but only in 1 of September of 1971, through the law in the 5700, it became, officially, Brazilian National Hymn. It is divided in two parts, as he follows the letter, with vocabulary in prominence. (i) They had heard of the Ipiranga (river where to edges D.Pedro I Independence proclaimed of Brazil, in 7/9/1822) edges placid (calm, calm)/Of people heroic shout (shout) thundering (sound that if spreads with much racket),/and the sun of the freedom, in flgidos rays (that it shines, sparkling) /It shone in the sky of the Native land in this instant. Stone clinical laboratories has many thoughts on the issue. /Se the distrain (guarantee) of this equality We obtain to conquer with strong arm, /Em your seio, freedom, /Desafia our chest the proper death! /Loved, idolatrada native (cultuada, loved), saves! it saves! /Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid ray (intense)/Of love and hope to the land goes down,/If in your formoso (pretty, beautiful) sky, limpid risonho and (pure, that he is not poludo),/the image of the Cruise (the constellation, that is the set of stars of the Southern Cross) it shines (that it shines, illuminated). /Giant for the proper nature,/You are beautiful, you are strong, fearless (courageous) colossus (great),/and yours future espelha (it reflects) this largeness.

/Adored Land, among others a thousand, you, native Brazil, are loved! Of the children of this ground you are gentile mother (generous, acolhedora), loved Native land, Brazil! (II) Lying perpetual in splendid (shining, luminous) cradle,/To the sound of the sea and the light of the deep sky, /Fulguras (you shine, you blunt with importance), Brazil, floro (gold flower) of America, /Iluminado to the sun of the new world! Of what the land more garrida (flowery, decorated with flowers), /Teus risonhos, pretty fields have more flowers; /' ' Our forests have more life, ' ' /' ' Ours vida' ' in your seio ' ' more amores' '. /Loved, idolatrada native (cultivated, loved above all), saves! it saves. /Brasil, of perpetual love is symbol (figure, signal, image)/lbaro (flag) that you exhibit (samples with pride) covered with star, /E says the green-parrot (green and yellow) of this flammule (flag)/Peace in the future and glory in the past. /But, if you raise of clava it to justice (primitive weapon, tacape) strong, /Ver ace that a son yours does not run away to the fight,/Nor fears, adores who you, the proper death. /Adored Land, among others a thousand, you, native Brazil, are loved! /Of the children of this ground you are gentile mother (generous, acolhedora), loved native land, Brazil!

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