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Unrestricted print quality with eco color printing can be quite environmentally friendly. This, for example the selection of used colours plays an important role. The Uhl-media GmbH takes into account this aspect of eco-friendly printing method for many years. “The experts in terms of resource-friendly offset printing made it consistently good experiences: environmentally friendly inks shine just as color strong as conventional printing inks, included but not mineral oil shares”, as Andreas Uhl, Managing Director of Uhl-media GmbH in bad Gronenbach (Allgau, Bavaria, Germany). Conventional printing inks include approx. 25% of polluting petroleum products as a binder. Eco – printing inks, as they are almost exclusively used indoors Uhl-media, contain binders made from renewable resources and are nearly free of toxic heavy metals. These colors have a further advantage for the benefit of our environment, if the printed materials are recycled.

These colors can be better at the so-called de-inking (desaturation of the old paper) be removed. So, these organic colors make an important contribution to the sustainable, resource-conserving printing. And the printing result: just as brilliant as in conventional colours. Also the abrasion resistance and gloss are nothing. Since the decision in favour of the environment is very easy.

UBA-media GmbH: the eco-friendly online printing ISO print quality and personal service. We print ecologically and sustainably. The Uhl-media GmbH is an environmentally conscious quality printing with prepress and postpress/lettershop. We print alcohol reduced with high brilliant green ink and chemical – and water-free manufactured printing plates on papers with documented origin of pulp. Preferred usage of recycled papers. We take 100% hydropower green power. The print production is carbon neutral. Their print data are transferred from all programs and check. Personal service and advice. Internet printing Web shop for leaflets, brochures, flyer, folder, magazine, price lists, catalogues, Annual reports, folders, posters, poster, labels, stickers, letterhead, blocks, cardboard, solution, cards, envelopes, envelopes, Pocket Books, hardcover, softcover, sticky notes u.v.m. For more information see contact: Uhl-media GmbH Dept. Press / Andreas Uhl of Kempten road 36 87730 bad Gronenbach Tel. ++49(0)8334-98320 email:

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