Mediation is the method of conflict management that includes a third, neutral, who is the mediator, with the task of helping the parties involved to negotiate from the partnership a resolution satisfactory to all. Broadly speaking, there is talk of mediation when communication between two parties can not proceed without the bridge of a third person who, with his speech, helps the parties to a conflict to seek alternatives and solutions. Mediation is, therefore, “a type of neutral third-party intervention between social and institutional actors in social situations meaningful multiculturalism, in which the practitioner builds bridges or bridges between these different social actors or agents in order to prevent and / or address and / or redesigning potential conflicts and enhance communication, but above all with the ultimate goal of working for intercultural coexistence. ”

Depending on the scope of work and the status of the parties in the process of mediation, we can say that there are different types of medications, such as family mediation, cultural, intercultural, etc.. Cultural mediation is a joint action that promotes cultural integration of immigrants and their inclusion in the host society at a level of equal dignity. Along with the personal dimension of mediation is then that collective, including groups and associations and provide a true and proper social integration. Mediation and considered, is the soul of migration policy and integration itself because, being placed at the end of those decisions that are mainly instrumental in nature, raises questions about the meaning of the coexistence of people of different cultures and individuals and pay operating the possibilities of a functional chain and enriching.

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