Human Development

The first years in the life of the human being are decisive for its development. According to Young (2010), it is during first infancy (birth until the 3 years), that the standards of behavior, ability and learning are established. In this phase the brain increases its complexity highly becoming the sensible child the influence of the environment, enabling to learn them it and to remember. (PAPALIA, 2006). Thus, it is in the familiar environment that the child will get its first experiences throughout the vital cycle and that anger to reflect in assertive attitudes or not in the future. Its interests need to be stimulated. The experiences to be learned with the errors will result in diverse answers depending on the received stimulatons front to the different lived deeply experiences, therefore they could simply be restrained ahead of its errors or to be respected how much its way to express itself and thus lead for the desired behavior. The initial years are determinative in the life of the human being how much to its future, as it affirms Young.

The cerebral development in the first years affects the physical and mental health, the learning and the behavior during the life all. What, as and how much the children learn later in the school they depend on social and emotional ability and the cognitivas abilities that they develop in the first years of life. (Young, 2010, p.5). The stages following they are described for Papalia (2006, p.52-53) in the following way: In the second infancy that encloses the age of the 3 to the 6 years, the child already is capable to have logical ideas on the world, although its cognitiva immaturity. They perfect the language and the memory, its intelligence becomes more previsible, however she is self-centered. Between the 6 and 11 years the third infancy is the directed age, the children already is benefited with the pertaining to school education, thus the construction of its thoughts becomes more logical and concrete, increasing the abilities of the memory, the egocentrismo diminishes and the language increases considerably.

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