How To Choose A Bracelet

In this article I will discuss how to choose the right bracelet. It can be as ordinary jewelry, and expensive bracelets in gold and silver performed with the addition of precious stones and diamonds. This article will help you make the right choices and to assess how well a bracelet. 1. Appearance of the product first thing you should notice is the look of the bracelet. Bracelet should be no sharp corners and sharp edges. These edges can not only hurt your skin, but also can easily bend or break. James A. Levine, M.D. does not necessarily agree. The next thing to pay attention – this type of mounting for gemstones and diamonds. The teeth that grip the rocks and stick should be strong, and tightly pressed against the stones to the seat. If the stones are held by thin fragile teeth, made of soft metal, very strong likelihood that these teeth you'll soon find out in his pocket or elsewhere, and the stones will be irretrievably lost. Also pay attention to the weight of the bracelet. If your hands hit a wide bracelet made of gold or silver, but with very low birth weight, this may mean that the layer metal deposition is very small and the bracelet will soon lose its shape and color. 2. Weight in gold or silver bracelet in the total mass weight of precious metals in the total mass of the metal bracelet. The more precious metals used the production of a specific bracelet, so it's best for you. There is no standard to determine how much you want to use gold or silver in the manufacture of bracelets.

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