Herbs have a number of health benefits, why are very popular as alternative treatment options. Herbs can be taken in different ways. If you go to your local herbalist, will realize that the herbs come in capsules, extracts, tinctures and dry form. Also come in large quantities, leaves, bark and roots. All forms that occur, probably may be wondering what is the best way to get the most out of herbs. There is no simple answer, since it largely depends on the grass you are taking. However, many believe that herbs must be taken in its most simple and direct way: as herbal tea.

Take herbs in the form of tea is very good, since it may take herbs in large doses without having to worry about indigestion. In addition, taken as a tea herbs are much more powerful, which means that they are more effective in the healing of ailments. The herbs are different from drugs conventional containing chemicals that take one or more capsules you will feel better. Take, for example, the root of Marshmallow, a soothing demulcent herb working in relief of sore throat, urinary tract and much more. When this herb is taken as a tea, it is very powerful.

However, if you take the same herb in capsule form, it is likely that you feel its effects, no matter how many times you take it on a day. Prepare your own herbal tea you can prepare tea with one of two methods: infusion or decoction. With infusion, herbal tea is made in the same way that would make black tea: boils water and then soaks the grass on it, strain and then drink the liquid. With the decoction parts of wort boiled bark, roots, fruits and seeds for 15 to 25 minutes. Of course you can prepare herbal tea by combining both methods. You can boil the roots of grass and add the sheets soaking them after removing the mixture of fire. Make herbal tea usually requires 1 to 2 quarts of water. If you opt for the decoction, use 2 quarts of water. The water is reduced to approximately a quarter of a gallon and a half when finished. Herbal tea prepared in this way must be consumed within 24 hours. You can refrigerate your homemade herbal tea, but you should know that it will have a lifespan of only one day.

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