The Fiat announced that inside of some weeks it goes to launch Palio 2012. The newness livened up the enthusiastic ones of the car, that not yet had many disclosed details. The car that already was champion of sales in the year of 2007 and saw to lose market drastically in recent years, goes to gain a new face in its version 2012. The assembly plant that is known by being one of most innovative, launching some new cars always and stimulating the Brazilian automotivo market, now will have that to reinventar itself in the case of Palio. The intention is to recoup the market that, in parts, lost for the competition and in the case for same itself with the New I even join. The expectation of all is sufficiently high, since noi if almost has details on the car. The mystery all has as objective, to make a very great racket in the date of the launching, where the press in general goes to be speaking loucamente of the new floats 2012 and of its details. If the Fiat liberated many details now, went to segment the attention of the car and to divdir among others estrias of other assembly plants. The modifications not they are restricted only to design exterior, but, also to the engine, internal finishing and positioning of price. The expectation is on account of the versions of the car and as each one goes to compete with the gigantic gamma of cars in the market. Some languages are saying that the Fiat will go to radically innovate in all the questions, of this form this taking a care gigantic not to fail and to obtain a prominence in all the details of this, that promises to be the launching of the year.

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