First Food Traffic Lights For IPhone & IPod Touch:

Nutritional values in a matter of seconds with ‘ FoodCheck the food traffic lights ‘ Germany’s first interactive food traffic lights for the iPhone and iPod touch is now available. Sugar, fat or salt, nutrition-conscious consumers must now not more hours study the packaging before the supermarket shelf. FoodCheck the food light provides the most important information about the composition of a food product in a matter of seconds. The food light search users by FoodCheck in a constantly growing database for product names or manufacturers. In the red, yellow and green will get you traffic light colors, how much fat, sugar, salt or calories/100 g of the product contain. Unlike in the printed nutrition information the uniform amount of 100 g for each product makes it easy also comparisons. About 3,000 ready foods from reputable manufacturers such as Dr. Oetker, Nestle, Unilever is currently reside in the system.

An integrated update function allows even later, at any time to add new information. Dr. Neal Barnard takes a slightly different approach. The program is now available through Apple’s iTunes store and costs 2.39. To display the food light the principle of nutritional information in the form of a traffic light was scientifically developed in the UK and is different than in Germany supported also by many major food manufacturers. Because often lay particularly in ready-made meals or frozen dishes not recognizable at all, whether a product to estimate is high or low in nutritional value for consumers is very simple and comprehensible labelling was deliberately sought. Based on red, yellow or green points is now quickly, what are the main components of a product. Consumers have the opportunity to align their consumption accordingly then. The food light helps to enjoy more conscious and healthier to live by clearly detecting excessive amounts of salt, fat or sugar. IPhone latest on the implementation of the, Apple’s traffic of food and iPod models bring the ideal condition for a nutritional light to work with.

You can download new data at irregular intervals over the Internet, are handy and above all they were interfering in his pocket. To wait until something happens the realization that it is not enough on the other”was crucial for the implementation of a mobile nutrient light. Internet Data Bank were present, but not available in the supermarket or large enough in their product selection. “FoodCheck the food light” is finally a new way: new data over the Internet in the phone download guaranteed timeliness on long time. Already at the beginning of thousands entries available, to bring light into the jungle of Einkaufsdschungels. Additional user instructions and information are accommodated to the data base to the benefit of all all the time to grow. If the project is well accepted, further improvements are planned. blem. The expansion of the base is a priority but, even if the already available products likely already the most comprehensive collection represents to traffic data that has ever existed. The Jommi online marketing company advises customers on your websites and Web page strategies developed for small and medium-sized enterprises. The food traffic lights is a side project, which was launched out of thematic interest and on their own initiative. The increasing relevance of which has received a food light over the summer, as well as the desire of an outsider to access also on traffic data were crucial for the now established, wide publication. Images and press information about the iPhone app FoodCheck – the food light or email us at, Mr. winter

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