Dubai Is Going Green Acquiring Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

Latest constructions of properties in Dubai are known to be green and are eco-friendly recently the rule has been formulated as all buildings now in Dubai have to be constructed in structures with the new green construction standards following their specific rules and regulations. Dubai real estate now will soon turn out to be in entire green and eco-friendly infrastructure without disturbing the environment and the nature. It has been decided that these regulations were implemented in phases with separate laws for the buildings that have already been constructed and for those which are still under the design stage. The Emirates as we all know has become the fastest growing destination in the world in terms of real estate, but when it is the matter of energy use, it is famous for its large consumption. The new regulations that have been finalized, will surely conserve more water and energy in order to provide a healthier place for residents.

Therefore, the latest constructions of the properties in Dubai are known to be green and are eco-friendly. If we talk about Dubai, then it is the first country within the region of introducing such standards, whereas UK already has several Green regulations in place. Green construction in the Emirates is not easy task as one third of the world cranes are already employed for several on going constructions, indeed a lot more support is required. Under this new resolution, all owners of commercial and residential buildings must comply with these green construction standards in order to turn the Emirates into a healthy city. There are certain key features for Dubai’s green building regulations: energy efficiency & conservation: this factor features heat recovery system, installation and maintenance of several mechanical system, pipe and duct insulation, elevators and escalators, and a lot more.

Site sustainability: Planning and design comes under site sustainability which includes soil erosion, building orientation and shading, site protection etc. Resource efficiency & conservation material: the material conservation and resource efficiency is another vital factor for green construction that includes: recycled material, storage of recyclables, thermal insulation materials and certified asbestos and wood. Currently as far as water efficiency is concerned, there is no standard for that in building regulations, however, there will surely be some water efficiency measures and is likely to become a part of the UK building regulations. Despite of all the challenges that the experts are facing, there is optimistic thought of Dubai becoming more and more environment friendly with the help of this green construction strategy.

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