Digitization File

The digitization of documents has many advantages as well as everyone is now equipped with the basic-IT devices within your own four walls. Under most conditions Tony Mandarich would agree. This includes also a scanner in the majority of cases. However some has already experience, that there are always documents, you can not so easily even digitize despite all skill. Here a professional Scanservice jumps in: If you now want to expose digital templates such as photos, slides, complete books, posters, CAD drawings or images such as watercolor and canvas painting: A Scanservice works with a resolution of up to 10,000 dpi and 32-bit color depth – optimal quality from expert hand. One possible application is the digital personnel file, which can make your life immensely. The possible results are generating PDF from print files on as good as all devices on the screen can be viewed and printed out. Also the text recognition is part of Scanservice, which allows paper documents on the Computer processing.

After layout and error correction, the result resembles an original, can be edited but always digital. The vectorization available is also: a vector graphic can be produced from a raster that can be infinitely scaled without loss of quality and distorted. Which medium you choose then, leaving all the customer and his needs: whether to be now stored slides of the highest quality on CD or DVD or decorated printed the possibilities are endless. Can films about both sound as also corrected and dust and scratches are removed for a 1-A movie experience at home. The digitization and simultaneous optimization of old photos is also very popular. The digitized version can be seen then via DVD-player to the TV or optimized images to use for one of the many new possibilities, create a calendar, poster or photo book about.

A possibility of application of Scanservice leads in the world of HR in Enterprise: As mentioned, the creation of a digital personnel file – electronic personnel file – consider can be pulled. The software is used for the processing and management of electronic documents from the personnel file. Not rarely some have before that first digitalisierst be. A specially developed document management system takes over the management of the traditional paper personnel file via electronic archiving. The digital personnel file contains both structured and unstructured information. Created by the Department of human resources, land here in the course of time many scanned documents: from the very first, the application documents, to return to past and everything in a hand or a few files is stored current employment contracts and work certificates, performance reviews, correspondence, etc.. This saves not only space, but is also linked with other systems such as that of accounting, administration or the archive in the best case. The employee records are so in the existing corporate IT integrates, what a lot in many cases effective human resource management means. In addition, the digital personnel file means a significant savings factor. Confidential personal data should be of course safely encrypted and limited access are – despite the ease of use and the protection of employees will remain so often place independent access. Personnel management engages in the signs of the times, which intensively and effectively takes advantage of the latest developments in the IT sector, this modern variant.

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