Justino Amorim Da Silva, Bachelor in Social Sciences ULBRA Luterana University of Brazil./ AGAINST THE DEFAULTERS AND EXPLORERS. Biblical texts: Ams 8, 4-7 I Timteo. 2, 1-7 Lucas 16, 1-13. This writing has left of a reading of the Biblical texts above for a reflection based on our experiences of life and our evanglicas experiences, also in other Biblical and theological citations. It does not have no pretension to express an ethical moralismo here, to more only reveal a thought in the direction of the understanding of the word of God in accordance with our reality, social, cultural, ambient, economic politics and.

I heard this, you owners of the money who use of its exacerbada greed to humiliate, to enslave and to massacre the beggar, the poor person, the villain, the illiterate and the hungry one. It will have that to give accounts with our Father (God). It who you destroyed the creation sacred of God will have that to bend over itself ahead of the father to ask for pardon for its bad action. You will have that to reconstruct your heart that is ill for it traces of the corruption. It who if you only worry in accumulating wealth in detriment of the life of your fellow creatures are killing you exactly.

He contents you with the sufficient to live and will have peace in the life and communion with God. ' ' You do not accumulate for you other treasures on the land, where he is to traces and the rust corrodes and where thieves excavate and steal; but you gather for you other treasures in the sky, where he traces nor rust corrodes, and where thieves do not excavate nor they steal; because where it is your treasure, it is your heart. (TM. 6. 19-21). In accordance with (Dietrich Bonhoffer Discipulado, P.

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