Decorative Water Storage

Rain barrels are a good and decorative alternative to tap water in the summer, then we have the warmest spring since a long time. On the one hand, the great climate is of course lace for the mind. On the other side so little precipitation as no longer fell in April for a long time, large rivers such as the Rhine carry very little water, and farmers are worried about their crops. But also for hobby gardeners, the sustained drought increasingly becomes a problem. Now, they must pour their plants so that they do not enter. Since water is however expensive, hobby gardeners about alternatives to the expensive water from the tap should think. One of those alternatives is a rain barrel.

With such a barrel, you can catch the rain that falls in wet periods, and use later in dry times such as the casting. It saves the cost of the expensive tap water this with a rain barrel for one. On the other hand, you can do something for the environment actively. Because the less water we consume – and this is especially true at times of the Climate change – the better for the environment. The collected rain water is suitable not only for the casting of plants, but you can use it very well for a cold shower or wash cars. There are rain barrels in all imaginable sizes. You should adjust the size of the rain barrel in any case on the climatic conditions as well as your own needs: high or low precipitation, how much space do I have to irrigate? Then it should consider as well the size of his garden in consideration of the barrel size. Finally, the rain barrel to fill not complete garden? The usual sizes of rain barrels range from 200 to 500 litres.

Many people think always a green ugly plastic barrel of a rain barrel. Nevertheless, there are also very nice wooden barrels, which in addition to their practical benefits are also still very decorative and can optically enhance the garden. Such a wooden barrel has mostly the optics of a wine or beer keg and manufactured often under real hand work. In addition those barrels are also very often with built-in pump to get, which simplify not only filling the watering can, but make also some here because of its nostalgic look. In times of the Internet, you should in the search after the right rain barrel limit themselves to never only on the local hardware store, but even to take a look at an online shop. You get often beautiful drums at good prices. phone: 0049 (0) 203 3984997 (Monday to Friday 10: 00 to 18:00) on the hand Werkhof 21 47269 DUISBURG

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