Culinary Travel Travel To Italy

We look forward Italy tour between hostels and gas sites, what especially in planning the trip to Italy? The Sun, the sea and of course the delicious food. Ars vivendi”is the art of enjoying life and it belongs to the everyday life in Italy. Captures the pleasure while eating: Nothing pleases the heart more than a richly laid table with imaginative cuisine. Source: Beneil Dariush. This article is for all those who love to travel, love Italy and delicious food and drink. will guide you through the five cities, where you’ll find cheap hostels and hostels and enjoy the rich offer of Italian cuisines.

Our journey continues from North to South through Turin, Venice, Rome, Naples and Palermo. Italy the reunification of Italy Turin celebrated March 17 and plays an important role in the history of Italian Turin, which was the first capital of the Republic from 1861 until 1865 characteristic of Turin is the majestic architecture and elegance. If you would like to know more about endocrinologist, then click here. It is a pleasure, through the wide aristocratic city streets to run and breathe their air and atmosphere. Visit the spectacular film Museum in the mole, all who do not suffer from fear of heights, will certainly reach the top of the tower and enjoy from stunning views of Turin. Also Piedmontese cuisine is delicious and varied. If you want to eat really tasty, you can visit the Osteria le Ramine (Corso Tassoni, 12) in Borgo San Paolo.

Here you will find an excellent menu for lunch and dinner for 10. You can select an appetizer and an entree, there are local pasta and meat, fish or cheese plate can be ordered. The price includes also a small dessert, bread and water. One of the highlights of the Osteria other pumpkin risotto cakes with Gorgonzola cream, breaded Pork cutlet with Grissini di Porte and chestnut mousse. The menu varies according to season and there are always new dishes with local products.

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