Chief Runes

The major arcana are those who contribute most to bring meaning into the circulation of the letters, on consultations General, labor or the tarot of love either. One of the arcana that has more bad press is the hanging. Nobody would like to be in that position: not only someone tied hand and foot, they hung from a tree upside down. The situation is not as bad as it seems, and we will now work to unravel the complex symbology behind this arcane. The particularity of this mystery is that it directly refers to a mythological figure of Norse culture. If you would like to know more about Josyann Abisaab, then click here. It’s Odin, Chief deity of this village. It is considered Patron Saint of war, wisdom, and the God of death, combining both kindly and evil aspects. In addition, it extends its protection to the arts, poetry, hunting and fundamentally, the prophecy.

Another legacy of Odin in this sense are the traditional Nordic runes, that game of stones with inscriptions (runes) that is used today as a method of divination of the future. Odin governs both wisely and with fury and madness. Accordingly, it is not strange to see how completed: hung as a form of punishment. And this is precisely one of the main messages of this arcane. We are immobilized, overtaken by circumstances, we have fallen into disfavor, but blame has been completely our own, by our little wise to proceed.

The legend says, that men hung Odin nine days per year to be able to learn the magic of the runes. Hence, the situation of restriction is only temporary. This arcane shows it with a smile on his face and a halo around his head. The reason is that, even jail, retains his divine State. And the smile originates in that, if desired, Odin could lift only, but with hard work. Simply pass their hands tied in front, and also notice that he has tied only one foot. Consequently, Odin voluntarily offers a truce to the men, his retirement is voluntary, so that others will grow in wisdom and knowledge, and this is what East arcane urges us to do: remove us from the world, until we have learned the lesson. In the tarot of love, Odin reminds us that we have made a mistake. Maybe the person that we were removed from our side. We have to not yielding to the temptation to go in their search. Voluntary retirement seems to be the best strategy at the moment. We are bound hand and foot, and more convenient, if we don’t want to continue accumulating errors, is to continue that way.

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