Ankilessiss Galaxy

The triangle represents the union of three breeds genetically sisters, but is that there are only two races United to the evolution and awakening of the Supreme race human, United turn to 9 breeds different sisters among themselves. These two reptilian races are breeds powerful that have worked and helped mankind since the beginning because that lived next to this, unexpected paths to them that their opened new horizons of consciousness. These two breeds revere and respect to the human race by its evolution as beings of light and conscious beings. They are here in many dimensions, simply, to help transcend humanity. They are great observers and great meditators deep. Much respect throughout the collective evolution that Gaia has done as humanity, and that drives them to become a kind of white and faithful guardians towards her and their parents.

These include all the white dragons, all small lagartos-humanoides, beings of nature mixed with the intraterrena wisdom of Gaia, beings who respect the nature of the great forests of Gaia, beings that grow with Gaia from inside and from outside not all reptilians are dominant or predators. The two sisters races are benevolent with humans and absolute protectors of their birth and their development. They are big brothers full of wisdom and knowledge about the reptile race. They are the ascended masters of the breed that we know mostly. The number twelve implies an innumerable amount of sacred geometries that protect the planet. Just as makes it number 11 and number 9.

The triad is incomplete because it is not true is a farce. But the true power and heart of this planet has the number 13 and what that means. The number 13 is the race for excellence; the Supreme race of the God merged by consciousness activates and wakes up from the great gods of the Ankilessiss Galaxy. The number 13, dear brother, dear sister, you’re. Thou art the powerful triangle. The directional diamond of energy merged into light and love. Thou power and consciousness of all sacred geometry. And all sacred geometry became to live and create in higher dimensions of unlimited consciousness. So, knowing that there are two races reptilian that protect you and guide you, who may fear what?. You have the key to ignite the flame of the third reptilian race. Only the humans can activate the consciencial DNA of the race of the Kassamanstrah but the key can only activate it and discover it, you and I. Nobody else. No external to our consciousness race can help us in that regard, since we are teachers of remembrance and the luminous power of Gaia.

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