Limitless stretch of imagination and skill of our designers can fulfill your every whim and create a truly exclusive things worthy of the king himself. Skill airbrushing is in the process of mixing several colors of paint for a smooth transition from one color to another. This technology is capable of the most accurately reproduce copies sketches and transform simple at first glance, cell phones, computers and various accessories into unique artistic masterpieces. Airbrushing subject of painting, whether small or big picture figure, she does not know the creative boundaries when choosing a topic. An artist can precisely reproduce the artist's canvas and pass the photographic image of any person. Little about the technology: If an artist paints a painting on canvas with brush, then here is using a special tool Airbrush (airbrush – from English. aerocyst), through which a drawing of high-definition video on a variety of surfaces: cars, motorcycles, buildings phones and computers, mice and small flash drives In appearance it resembles a pen top is attached a small container of enamel, which is fed air under pressure. Airbrushing history – accepted officially reckoned with 1879, when a resident of Iowa Abner Peeler patented invention called 'distributor of paint' to painting watercolors and other artistic purposes.

Its creation was far from perfect, but after fifteen years Company Charles and Liberty Walkup presented airbrush modern sample at the World Columbian Exhibition in Chicago. In the early 20 th century airbrush applies for the application of advertising on racing cars and motorcycles, will soon fashion distributed to motorists, have appeared intricate patterns, images of wild animals, posters and just labels. Unfortunately, when everything was done by simple craftsmen and often, figures obtained are not ideal. Turning point were 60 years, whereas in America starts a boom, immediately appear professional artists and special studio. In Russia, airbrushing, extending into the early 90's for some ten years, moved quickly pace to catch up and become equal among the "veteran" of America and Europe.

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