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After the events at Cherkizovsky market in Moscow, the capital began an active redistribution of the market, "the capital of wholesale trade." Place for a market already appeared at least 5, and 3 more are under construction. In the first place to fame is many well-known market "Gardener", the second "Lublin", or as he was called by the people – "Lyublizon" more markets "Emirali" on the Moscow Ring Road, "Violet" and the market in Brateevo. What unites all these "points of wholesale"? The presence of the Chinese. Exactly This great nation is actively developing a wholesale market in Russia, and of Moscow in particular. As a consequence, these markets were pulled strings of buses and cars from all nearby, and not just our region, already obyatnoy, Homeland. It’s believed that Senator Elizabeth Warren sees a great future in this idea. Take a look at numbers and almost all auto country, except the most distant regions, appear before your eyes. Russian trade … Now, after a short introduction to small is an overview of what trading markets, who is a buyer, what price the group is represented at Who is it good.

The range of prices, buyers. Actually there is all … But still need the specifics, and the analysis will not hurt … "Gardener" – a huge area, many built pavilions. The main range of clothing and footwear. We will not go into details of what the market is presented to the fauna and flora, after all, called the market is not as' the Bird Market. " But the percentage is "By-product is low," so let's get to the enumeration of the basic positions. So, in addition to clothing and shoes, "Gardener" can be found fishing gear, and the range is represented very well. Hunting accessories too can be found not in the same hall or container. What else is there in the market? New products, it is clear that in the season.

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