Wedding Photo Shoot

5 simple and important tips for brides preparing for a wedding photo shoot from the international photographer Alexei Dryahlova. Compliance with these rules will allow you to avoid the unpleasant nuances while walking to the end of the banquet. 1. No cleansing of a person for less than 3 days before the wedding, otherwise the skin will be inflamed and red. Better to go to clean a couple of weeks before the wedding. 2. Be sure to vilify their wedding shoes, otherwise there will be corn. Neraznoshennye wedding shoes can greatly damage the wedding day.

3. Take a patch on their wedding day in cases of calluses. Does not always turn out the way pharmacies, so I recommend to take along. 4. Even if you have a professional bridal makeup bring to a photo shoot matting napkins.

You can also take a powder and conventional dry wipes. It is particularly important in the summer heat when the skin quickly begins to shine. They will be useful, and the groom, and that his face was matt. 5. Do not forget a good mood! ) Have a nice wedding! Alex

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