Walls And Ceilings

If the ceilings are made of concrete, and walls made of concrete or brick, first prepare the bottom of the walls. Then make scaffolding, preparing the upper walls of the scaffolding to the ceiling and the ceiling and start plastering the ceiling, then top of the wall. After plastering the walls of the top of the scaffolding was removed and the bottom of plaster walls, rubbing husk. If you want to pull the curtain, then perform them after the ceiling and upper walls of plaster applied primer. Stretching ledge and to cut corners, perform finish coat on the ceilings and walls on top and rubbed. As you move through the plaster on the walls of plaster slopes. If the walls and ceiling are wooden, the first stuffed drann on the walls to a level as get them off the floor.

After this suit scaffolding and stuffed them drann on top of the walls and ceiling. The sequence of plastering is the same as stated above. If you want only one plaster wall, then they, First of all, prepare, arrange scaffolding and plaster. The order of plastering the next. Prepare the liquid (creamy) solution for scratch coat and apply it by throwing a continuous layer with no gaps. Apply the spray can on the whole surface or part thereof.

For the first layer of soil solution was prepared in the form of a thick creamy mass, throwing it on the spray, covering it with a continuous layer. Exactly the same solution, or more dense cover the second layer of soil, throwing his or buttering and well . Depending on the thickness of plaster applied to the soil for three or more times. All sinks and other defects on the ground correct. Only after this prepare a solution for the finish coat. Cover them leveled ground, level it, after setting will be overwritten. We remind you that the next layer of solution is applied to the previous one only after its seizure or hardened to such an extent that it is followed by a layer of the solution does not pull away from the wall and did not fall from ceilings.

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