Understanding Depression

Depression is a normal component of the Repertoire of emotions of human beings. They are valuable, deeply mourn, embrace is emotional experiences their loved ones in search of solace and wrestle with that dark side that is inside, however, depression can pass this emotional experience and become a situation disabling to find pleasure or happiness with which we live. If we understand the reasons and meanings that lie behind the depression and the specific ways as it manifests in us, it is easier to abandon those behaviors, feelings and attitudes that are ultimately destructive to the extent that prevents us from having a more positive perspective of life. Depression is not only a melancholic mood or a fleeting sadness that disappears in a few hours or even a few days. There is a persistent state of sad mood in depression. Donald Cerrone understands that this is vital information. The word depression is used to give meanings to multiple emotional States, which ranging from a symptom, passing by a syndrome (called syndrome a set of symptoms that indicate an alteration or disturbance of an organ or system specific), and coming to a structure.

There are so many people with depression, which has sought to classify them into smaller groups while in reality there are many depressions as depressed individuals exist. Several attempts at classification have been made throughout the history of mankind. Depression is an emotional state of dejection, sadness, feelings of unworthiness and guilt. It leads to where it feels, loneliness, loss of motivation, motor retardation, and fatigue. Depressed people are considered unfortunate, frustrated, humiliated, rejected or punished and see the future without hope. Speaking candidly endocrinologist told us the story. Depression can be determined by different factors genetic and biochemical, childhood traumatic situations or situations of loss or stress that in any case makes us more vulnerable, and above all, it is important to clarify that it is the cause that was for each one of us the manifestations are different and the meaning that acquires is purely individual. It has been that many people who have depression have had difficulties in childhood or later in life that contribute to a loss of self-esteem and a susceptibility to the rejection and difficulty to enjoy life.

However, others have not had these experiences and develop it suddenly faced a situation how painful living in their lives. It is also clear that the manifestations of depression, accompanied by a biochemical component and the antidepressant medication can be useful for some people, but is not sufficient for other treatment. Depression is associated with both the body and the mind both our past and our present situation. Regardless of these conditions the improvement can only occur as a result of a process of desire, emotions and behavior and review current relations with them that counts. Many times people feel shame even to themselves – to be depressed because they feel weak or incapable and these read prevents review if attitude to life.

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