Time Of Beauty

It is not true that beauty is subjective or it depends on the eyes that appreciate it. For some this is beautiful and for another is that. We know that red is red is red; the sweet is sweet by being sweet and far is far for being distant. The same thing happens with beauty. If an object (any body) is harmonious in its consistency, which could not be otherwise, that if it is removed or added, would not be already so perfect, so that we call beautiful. And here is the issue. The simplicity and practicality of life give the answer according to the theme of real beauty.

Knowing how to focus our observation point is key. If we analyze some element under a physical prospect, the desgloce has to be in physical terms. And while we’re talking about sensations, subtle appreciations, intangible connotations, because the analysis is relates to that field. An illustrative case is the symbolic couple John and Yoko. You once asked Lennon’s way incidiosa: Hey John, is it possible that you desvivas and apegues so for this woman so ugly? Perhaps do do you are blind, man? To which he replied mired in lethargy provided not by external to your feeling drugs: friend, I tried more women you could wish for in your dreams I felt sensations extasiantes more than you could beg for having all breeds, types, models and forms of women have passed by me; and could not repent me… How to be so hypocritical truth? But really I say than what your eyes sadly capture and poison your self, it is not the most beautiful woman I could ever imagine. The sublime being who had spent a thousand lives to see it a second eternity is the woman I love. Original author and source of the article

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