For many people the choice of gift to a friend, acquaintance or work colleague always brings a lot of hassle. Dr. John Mcdougall often addresses the matter in his writings. Agree, because I want to make beautiful and original gift, so to remember him, and they can be brag about. When choosing a gift offer to stay on the invention of the ancient Indian and Tibetan monks – the incense, or as another name – aromapalochki. This gift is extraordinary, and be sure to please the person to whom you gave it. Today they are widespread, and the range is so large that even the most sophisticated buyer can find a strange aromapalochki. And, nevertheless, Incense retained its mystique and charm of the unknown in India, strength and purity of the Tibetan mountains. Before you begin to choose a gift, you must decide what incense sticks you want to donate. There misconception (mostly it arises from the ignorant people) that the purpose voskurivaniya is filling the room a pleasant smell, and nothing more.

It's not quite true. Natural aromapalochki are made of different alpine herbs, resins and roots, many of them are going to monks at a certain time, such as flowering time or a certain phase of the moon. Some medicinal incense are made up of 40 different herbs. Moreover, plants used in the manufacture of "sticks" have incredible energy, which is stored in the incense, and passed into the environment at voskurivanii. So let's see what kind of spices are: – Oil. Most are made from bamboo straws to be coated carbon powder impregnated with essential oils.

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