Regarding situational diagnosis, On the basis of our comments during the period of period of training until the present date, was understood that number of givers sufficiently is reduced, however, it is of extreme importance the sanguineous supplying in hemocentro. 1,2 JUSTIFICATION Since the passed century, the transfunsional therapy, comes presenting great progress scientific and who had technician to the increase of the use of the blood as therapeutical resource comes growing the number of givers (CANADO gradually; et al., 2007). The blood transfusion is one practical doctor who consists of the transference of a sanguineous component of a person (the giver) for another one (the receiver). The blood donation is of basic importance for the functioning of the units and the great centers of health. One is about a process for which a free person for and spontaneous will offers its blood with the objective to keep supplied the hemocentros and with this to save lives. Of this form, it was opted to carrying through an educative and solidary work with the purpose to show to the academics the importance of being a giver and at the same time to be able to collaborate with the supplying sanguineous in hemocentro, being able with this to take care of the requests of the hospital units. It is known that to donate blood it is a citizenship and solidarity act, is simple, fast, safe and sigiloso a procedure, that only can be carried through when requested and be prescribed by the doctor, consisting of obligator form the signature and number of registration. Thus, any person can be a giver, since if she includes the conditions necessary to donate, in order to guarantee the security and the quality of the service. 2.0 2,1 OBJECTIVES General Objective: To sensetize the students of nursing and fisioterapia how much to the importance to donate blood.

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