Impotence or inability to procreation are the helpful health advice for those affected, especially in the “best years” a man to an often intolerable strain. Also partnerships are sometimes put to a serious test. The conventional medical diagnosis is usually quick to set: lack of erection or a low sperm count and activity. The previous therapeutic range is limited, however, sometimes with side effects and the desired success often unsatisfactory. With orthomolecular medicine are new diagnostic and side effect-free therapeutic measures available. While conventional treatments with drugs regulating No. synthase allow for impotence impotence (erectile dysfunction) improvement of symptoms, but such treatments are not permanent solutions.

It remains an uneasy feeling of with regard to possible side effects involved sometimes. Also the time factor for the revenue and the costs play a decisive role in assessing the Improving the quality of life. The key factors, which are causally responsible for the clinical picture could be revealed for quite some time in orthomolecular medicine. You are referring to human metabolism possible combinations and diverse individual. Secondary, they do however always a problem of no. synthase, which embodies the formation of nitric oxide (NO) from the amino acid L-arginine. NO is the stuff which ultimately the cause of erection. Thus, it is clear that the errors in the upstream metabolism are to fix a causal and side effect-free treatment.

If this is not possible individually, the controlled administration of L-arginine in accompanying antioxidants is good Sekundar-medical measure for the treatment of impotence. For all measures, whether primary or secondary, side-effect-free and very effective Therapeutics in the form of high-dose vital substance preparations of natural origin linked to the orthomolecular medicine Available. Procreation inability if an unmet fertility on the health of the man is due to conventionally unfortunately always still very limited causal therapies offered those affected. The real causes are scanned very good diagnostic – and be evaluated. You are in oversized stressors, which interfere with the formation and existence of sperm and hinder. Toxic strains of the body, professional – or nutrition-related, negative stress or radiation (E.g. by mobile radio) here are the focus. Error sewing stanchions can be another cause, which quickly lead to individual lack of E.g. zinc and B vitamins. However, they are essential for the formation of healthy sperm and a deficiency can have fatal consequence. Especially in such cases can be achieved by a change of diet and an additional individual intake of nutrients a rapid and sustainable improvement and thus restore the fertility. Vital substance therapy both for impotence as procreation inability is that causes individually and often can be quite different in combination. Together all however, is that they are always in a resulting metabolic disorder. Those in turn are to diagnose medicine very well with the modern orthomolecular and usually with good results. Therapeutically, the use of individually dose nutrients forms the basis of treatments. As far as individual meaningful psychological support can be considered additionally. Gerd-Uwe Kunow

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