The Tarot

For some historians, the tarot emerges in Egypt. For others, it is the creation of the Knights Templar who, persecuted by the Inquisition, they used what looked like an innocent game of cards to pass on all his wisdom. But all agree that with its deep esoteric meanings, requires much more than an intuition developed. Requires the knowledge of Kabbalah, numerology and psychology. But above all, a strong desire to grow spiritually and serve others. The tarot cards are said to give generously their wisdom and message to those who have noble ends. And close, however, the mean and destructive.

We all have a degree of intuition. Even for those who deny the absolute rationality. And the gift of clairvoyance, which allows among others to predict the future through the reading of letters is only the most developed degree of this intuition. Some spiritual beings bring it from the cradle. However, it is possible to achieve the same degree of development through reading, study and meditation. Formerly, it was believed that the study of tarot alone could only be done so that those seeking advice in reading the letters were often cheated by unscrupulous tarot scholars are saying is not. Today, many teachers share their wisdom in public. Thus providing those who wish to start in the fascinating art of reading letters to the possibility of having a serious guide that gives them a multidisciplinary approach and enriching.

The more complete the cultural and spiritual background of the learner, the easier it will be to delve into the mysteries of the tarot. However, there is a short or easy process. Who undertakes this journey should spend many hours watching the cards and trying to connect with them. Just a careful and conscious, wondering over and over what cards you draw more, and what is its meaning to him, you can open the floodgates of the intuition of the most wonderful way and complete. And reveal the deep mysteries of the reading of letters. That is, neither more nor less, the mysteries of the human soul. It's worth venturing into this world, changing forever the perception of who runs. And it allows those around him provide guidance and tips for a fuller existence. Jesus Ontivero

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