The Skin

Handbag from the skins of rare exotic animals – is already beyond ecology. And about the clothes. Synthetics are fully entitled to exist. Otherwise, how to be, for example, impermeable tissue? The outer layer of the ski suit must be synthetic. Otherwise, the high risk of getting wet to the skin and get pneumonia. In general, eco-clothing industry is still far from perfect.

It is not always fashionable bio-materials are capable of pleasing the consumer impeccable quality: Fabrics made of bamboo tend strongly to stretch, and corn fiber is quickly wiped clean. Finishing materials. Here, too, often seek a balance between practicality and naturalness. Wood floor, whether it's board or parquet – what could be greener for the home? But in the hallway, hallway, kitchen such eco-floor will quickly lose its luster. And if you do not wear a suit option such as ceramic tile, laminate is worth looking into. Just choose it carefully, studying health and hygiene certificate brand has established itself as a quality product.

Window. On the dangers of pvc no reasons except that lazy. But better than a good plastic than a bad tree, because a quality wooden box – not a cheap. Cheap wooden windows, though the seller and will focus on their main advantage – environmentally friendly, will not save from drafts. Not to mention such trifles as wobbly windows or a bad sound insulation. Incidentally, the manufacturers of plastic windows assure that at normal temperature (about 50 degrees C) any hazardous substances PVC-brother does not evolve.

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