The Screener

There are other areas such as message centres, the screener and calculators. The only area which can be accessed is the message center. You don’t need us to sign-up, but that we can enter without problems. In this part will be able to follow different investors and see what are the actions that they consider how attractive and those that do not recommend to invest. The Screener: which are the ones to break? Probably the most important part of the web page is the Screener.

There they will be able to find the best actions to implement the estretegia of short selling. To obtain greater profitability they have the option to adjust the minimum price. Three columns to appear in the screener, the first shows the distance that separates to financially break, the second shows the market capitalization of the company and the third is simply the price of the stock. That is why I recommend this page so they can find the best companies and implement the strategy of short selling. Another aspect to consider is the calculator this area is when we want to find specific information about a particular company. Making money thanks to the losers there are several ways to make money investing in the stock market of Values, but the short selling is a very cost-effective way to take into account. The calculator is important, but I think that the screener is the most important tool and allowing them to leave victorious. You can also buy premium membership for only $14 per month, but you can recover it through short selling and short screen affiliate program earnings. Earn $15 for every person who we recommend les and others have a benefit of 5% for the membership.

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