The Power Of Magic

The magic allows us to alter the natural course of events and aim them in the direction we wish. Tony Mandarich may also support this cause. There are several types of magic. According to the purpose we can distinguish: white magic is used to provide the good people and under no circumstances white magic spells can be used to exert negative influences nobody. Black magic as opposed to white magic, used to harm and uses trickery to achieve their purposes. Magic Green is magic which is related to plants and works on health. Magic red is the magic of love. It’s believed that patrick matthews sees a great future in this idea. It develops spells and spells to achieve happiness in the field sentimental.

Except for black magic, the rest of spells are used to improve the quality of people’s lives, whether through health, love or good fortune. There is also another classification based on the philosophical current of splitting it. African magic African magic has the peculiarity that most of their rituals work with what we call symbolism. Learn more at: Tony Ferguson. The instruments most used in magic African are usually pieces of wood, Earth, pumpkin seeds, leaves, and herbs. African magic offers number of amulets to protect themselves from possible curses, or attract fortune. Most commonly used in African magic spells are to attract the love of the beloved, fertility, scare away anyone who wants to do us harm, cure the evil eye, or expose a fake. Gypsy magic Gypsy magic is as old as the history of his people.

Gypsies are the heirs of a very ancient culture and esoteric wisdom which is gradually disappearing. They are the last guardians of magic that finds its roots in the mists of time. The Gypsy magic specializes in spells related to love. Magic Celtic Celtic magic has a base feature. It can only be used for good, it is therefore considered white magic. To carry out Celtic magic spells must be the person to exercise in spirituality and has a great affinity with the mystical world, since the principle axis of this magic is the balance that occurs between the spiritual and material things and interdependence which have each other. Magic Wicca Wicca magic derives from a Neopagan religion with a high sense of spirituality, which manifests itself paying homage to nature. Wicca, like the Celtic Magic Magic, is never used to exert evil, so it also is white magic. The wicca magic needs a guide warlock, who is the priest or Priestess, who knows the Supreme laws and the only one that can guide to apply the rites and traditions.

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