The Populations

Varying in degree intensity, the violence against the aged ones occurs in each continent and directly is related with the local culture, englobando sexuality and sort questions, geracionais problems, of exploration on the part of children. The scarcity of information how much to the aggressive attacked ones and she is thematic a delicate one, of difficult study and identification, mainly because the aged ones generally do not denounce abuses and the suffered aggressions. They make it for constaint or fearing punishment and retaliaes of its cuidadores that are, frequently, the proper aggressors. It still has those that suffer masked bad-treatments and nor if they give account that is being violence victims. However, the violent relations are not unilateral, its causes are complex and occur in different levels.

Inside of this perspective, the quality of the previous relation to the state of dependence of the aged one in relation to the negative cuidador that determines the positive form or with that this last one perceives its task, being able to see it as punishment or as act of gratitude and loving devotion. Still, we have that the relation, estressante, between cuidador and of course aged if only transforms into violent when the cuidador if isolates socially, possesss flabby affective bows with the aged one, was victim of violence on the part of it in the past or presents some type of psychiatric problem. In relation to the health aspects, we have that the aged one consumes more services of health, the hospital internments are more frequent and the time of occupation of the stream bed bigger when is compared with other etrias bands. In general, the illnesses of the aged ones are chronic and multiple, last per some years and demand constant accompaniment, permanent cares, continuous medication and periodic examinations. Without a doubt, one of the done greaters of the humanity was the magnifying of the life time, that if made to follow of a substantial improvement of the parameters of health of the populations, despite these conquests are far from if distributing of equitable form in the different countries and partner-economic contexts.

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