The Doctors

Unfortunately, doctors usually see pale, anemic and malnourished patients (which other doctors had recommended a vegetarian diet), though they require “more stimulating food ‘, referring to meat. I heard the doctors of the old school called meat, fish and poultry “higher and raising the tone ‘products Unlike vegetables, which are supposedly “inferior, and by reducing ‘food. Learn more at this site: Assurant Health. The so-called restorative products stimulate the nerves and muscles, promote obesity, give the face color and a fake apparently healthy, but they carry energy, they wear cloth, destroying blood vessels excessive hyperemia, overload the heart, causing atherosclerosis and leading to premature aging and death. In questions of power, as in many others found no final, stable effects are taken into account only the immediate and temporary results. Hardly be too often repeated: “The more you eat, the more a poison and the more wear on your body. ” Misjudgments about the meat and vegetables are not their lives, and they can often hear today. Everything else about the nutritional value is judged not so much in terms of stimulating the body, how much the content of protein, carbs and calories. dures to achieve this success. The common expression “quality of life ‘means overindulgence harmful foods. When people are “walking bags’ disease and miserable ruins prematurely worn-out body, have been described as the victims’ quality of life. ” This term as it implies that there is clearly improper for a simple, healthy foods and stay healthy. About me miserable, sick stomach, who lived on hotcakes, grilled meats, pastries, puddings and other concentrated foods and snacks, while nearly died, say that he suffers from “too good life ‘, as if healthy living is actually bad.

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