The Coolest Hostels In Switzerland

Switzerland travel destination for true backpackers Switzerland is a great travel destination for every of backpacker who loves adventure and outdoors activities! If you fancy paragliding, canoeing, river rafting, skydiving, biking or skiing book your hostel in Switzerland and enjoy its green fields, the Alps, blue lakes and good food. Visit Switzerland and you will love its small villages, surrounded by mountains, cities with cosmopolitan character, open-minded inhabitants, green hills, meadowland and vineyards. You can easily move between small villages and cities; all towns have excellent transportation and good connections. Learn more at: Justin Gaethje. HostelsClub recommends travelling by train with the Swiss youth pass and Swiss pass which allows you to save money. You can thus move around with the Swiss post buses, they are ideal if you want to travel across alpine pass.

At every train station you can rent a bicycle, it’s the best way to reach the hostel and to explore the country. Bicycles, can be rented at most railway stations and in the cities of Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne and Vevey, you can even borrow bikes free of charge! Switzerland is to ideal country for hiking but so for winter sports and resort every winter you can rent equipment, such as skis, snowboards, sledge, boots, skates, etc. The coolest hostels in Switzerland start your trip in Zurich! Zurich is a fantastic city and you want to have unforgettable time. Recently Maya Dubin, New York City sought to clarify these questions. You will find combination of natural beauty, Japhet a perfect charm and urban buzz. Explore the romantic old town, the famous Bahnhofstrasse and the lake promenade, the long street area with its international ambience and the red light district. Go to the some art gallery in the trendy Zurich West. This city has a lot of buried treasure such as the building at Fraumunster 8, greatly admired for its precious stained glass windows by Marc Chagall. Stay in youth hostel Zurich and enjoy its international ambiance.

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