The Continuation Of The Pharma-patient Brochures Disaster

Lacking many brochures on timeliness more and more pharmaceutical provider back health care and patients at the Centre of its activities. Especially the internet-based information service by means of patient brochures plays an important role. However, many offers lack timeliness. The range of patient brochures that provide pharmaceutical companies interested and patients on their Internet pages, is almost unmanageable. The expectations of the patients of the offered materials are unique: they want to be informed on the topics of interest currently, understandable and comprehensive. An exploration yielded a very bad result, which continues in a current sample in the last year to the timeliness of the materials. Of 100 brochures, 34 were older than six years! Of course, the descriptions of many diseases and their therapies in the broad have still exists even after several years, the often listed literature should definitely be updated and medical progress requires a review / revision at least every two years. In addition, that obsolete documents are hardly meet the own claim of the companies according to modernity and future orientation. “But there are also other embarrassments”: – partially brochures provided in their artwork status (with cutting edge markings etc.) in the network, – especially in drugs-related documents says that the first and indicates then the prospect that he can get to his doctor, who prescribed the drug to him, – often follow the home page menu in the patient brochures “and finds there then only such as a blood pressure pass. The problems described above all rooted in that different areas for the materials offered on different satellite sites are responsible in most companies and an overall coordination / control and as well as missing a Qualitatsbewusssein. To the topic: service disaster Brochure requests from patients “: such as pharmaceutical provider at the moment of truth” gift marketing options, and Klaus-Dieter Thill harms their image

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