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Says that fully identified with materialism beings will remain in the area devachanica in a State of lethargy or dream, therefore, we can say, that lack of appropriate forces and corresponding to that State devachanico, except in a very vague way, and for such beings noted, there status after the death in terms of mind concerns. They remain dozy by a time and then embody again on Earth. This general average of permanence in Devachan gives us a very important human cycle, the cycle of reincarnation. Because according to this law will be the advent of Nations is repeated and the old days returning again with souls. The life of the soul has no end and can not be stopped for a moment. The abandonment of our physical body is only a transition to another place or plane of existence. But as the Ethereal garments of the Devachan are more durable that we use here, the spiritual, moral and psychic causes take longer to develop and exhausted in that State that on Earth the Mahatmas are similar to certain entities in Devachan in order to remove them from that condition, to return to Earth for well breed. Therefore, the Egos to whom they are close are those whose nature is noble and profound, but who do not possess enough wisdom to be able to overcome the natural illusions of the Devachan.

one who has not generated during his lifetime many psychic impulses, won’t more base or force in their essential nature to feed and maintain their superior in the Devachan principles. During the death, the last series of thoughts are powerful and deeply engraved in the mind and are that give color and the tonic to a lifetime in the Devachan. .( *; The seven heavens or the Devachan, LEADBEATER, C.

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